Monday, September 6, 2021

Locked Twitter Account

 Locked, frozen or whatever. Apparently, a video I posted 3 years ago was in violation of some copyright clause. This 30 second or so video of my #DancingFeet to a Rihanna's music in the background. 

Wow. And its not like I'm making any money from My twitter account. Its not monetized. I don't host advertising or anything like that. Ridiculous that they have people or bots to crawl Twitter looking for videos as short as 30 seconds. 

This is the main reason I will start to post My stuff elsewhere first and then cross-post to Twitter. They threatened to delete My account if I get another notice. I'm not about to go through 3 years of posts to see if there was music in the background. I don't have that kind of time. 

Saturday, June 12, 2021

My GCF Funhouse Hosting day

I hosted an event yesterday and had a good, but not great, turnout. 

First, I met with a long-time #footboy from years ago. I only saw him at #footparties. One way to tell a true foot boy...They bring their own props. I was presented with a tray, whipped cream and fruit. My feet were set up like a strawberry shortcake or something.


The next #footboy was a quickie, so to speak. However, he was another who used to attend #footparties back in the day. However, I didn't remember him at first. Luckily for him, he made a good impression at the #DCChocolateFactory's happy hour a few weeks ago. Hopefully, he will become more of a regular.

I had a 2 hour break, that was definitely needed before the next 2 #privatemeetings. 

The next boy was a newbie in every sense of that word. I had only met him once before and that was just before the pandemic hit. Back then, he had only a vague idea of what he liked. However, he was willing to explore so it was interesting to see what he could take. From #footsmothering to #spanking with a touch of #trampling, he was trooper. I had a really good that I forgot to take photos. 

My last boy was a bit shy which was okay because I've known him for about 10 years now.  It was another #trampling & #footworship meet. 

Disclaimer:  Do not worry...Model's feet were washed with soap & water between meetings. 


Thursday, May 27, 2021

Celebrating National Wine Day

 I'm not sure how I went all these year not celebrating the actual day for wine but now that I know, it has to be celebrated every year. Though, I do tend to celebrate it every week. 

It started off nice with an impromptu morning mimosa with fresh squeezed orange juice. It was yummy. Only thing missing were eggs, sausage and buttered biscuits. Why, oh why don't I do brunch more often.

[there is a video, but apparently, blogger doesn't allow video length 1.2 minutes long] 

clink, clink!!! 

Despite all that, it did end with a #DCChocolateFactory celebration happy hour. The place was cozy & swank and a handful of people showed up. Although small, it was a very good turnout. I got to meet a longtime fan who will probably become another regular.

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

I Got #FemBlock -ed the Other Day

So it only makes sense that I return the favor 😌

I have blocked many Twitter accounts but this is the first one I had to block belonging to another Female and fellow #footworker. 😌

When I saw this post...

I did the same thing I've done with other Ladies who have complained about their other social medias being deleted due to adult content.

I promoted My adult social media page at - like so...

Why not share My page while helping you out? I have to tell you about the damn website anyways 🀷🏿‍♀️

Apparently, she didn't care for the link and replied...

Fine! so I replied...

And blocked her. 😌

What? Too harsh you say? Maybe I over reacted? Oh..right..right.. I got too e~mo~tion~al. πŸ™„

Nope. Just complying with her request. Since she doesn't want Me promoting Myself on her timeline with a link, I'm sure she shouldn't want Me promoting Myself on her timeline with a reply, retweet or a like to her posts either.

Blocking ensures that won't happen.

There 😌 GoddessChocolate can accommodate.


Yes still testing

 I actually scheduled a few over next 24

Sunday, October 25, 2020

GoddessChocolate Hit 2000

I woke up this morning to 2000 #Twitterfans. It's taken quite a while but that is still a feat. Guess I should post more pictures. 

Thanks for the love. πŸ‘ΈπŸΏ

Friday, August 21, 2020

Goddess Chocolate Fakers & Flakers list

If you have been directed here, it is because you have pissed Me off. I enjoy being a Goddess and I DO NOT like to be pissed off, angered or annoyed. Therefore, if you do, then I don't bother with you anymore.

A couple of you have begged to get back into My good graces, which is why I made this page. Follow the below steps in hopes that I will remove you from this FAKERS & FLAKERS list. 

you must...

1. email Me apologizing for your wrongdoing. If you acknowledge your mistake, hopefully you are less likely to repeat it. 

2. sign My guestbook to publicly praise Me and remind yourself of why you adore Me -

3. follow Me on social media and interact with My posts, preferably Twitter (if you don't have social media, make an account specifically to follow & support Me). I suggest you email Me your account name so I know you have done this. 

4. go to  to pay a Fakers Fee. Make it a good one and put "please remove me" in memo lines.  

5. wait patiently for My acceptance of your penance 

Monday, January 13, 2020

What Gripes Me

While there are quite a few things, one thing in particular is when guys complain about Women trying to change them.

I've never been one to do this. I assess how you act, talk, things you do. If you get on My nerves one too many times, then you're gone. I'm not your mother; I don't want to be. But if you haven't learned by now how to clean up after yourself, how to help out when needed, how to take care of your business, then that's too bad for you. I won't be around to deal with your immaturity.

GoddessChocolate Quote...

If you're going to complain about Women trying to change you into something you're not. Then don't get upset when They don't want you as you are.  

Monday, September 23, 2019

Introducing the Goddess Getaway

Technically, its not My first #GoddessGetaway, but this is the first time I've decided to post about it extensively. Why? To get more invites, of course.

So, what is a Goddess Getaway?  Besides being one of My favorite perks as a #fetishmodel. This is when one of My faithful fans offer to wisk Me away on an all expense paid trip. 

First, you have to be a Faithful Fan. To Me, that means I've met you in person, many times for public AND private events, over the course of at least a year. Basically, I have to be really comfortable with you, to spend some exclusive time with you away from My home.

Second, it has to be an All Expense Paid trip. This should be self explanatory, but to be clear. Transportation to and from destination, lodging while at the destination, daily meals to include wine and a daily tribute.

Now, that you know what a Goddess Getaway is, here's a few pictures of what one looks like.

To the destination. . .

The thrill of getting away from home and its stresses, is a treat all of its own. But not having to drive and deal with traffic is a plus. This faithful fan drove his vehicle which means I was able to ride with My feet up.

Dinners. . .

Since I started My dirty little habit at DC Dirty Habit, I'm always looking for a new place for My paddle to #SpanktheMenu.

This is called an Orange Crush. I had 3 of these. Okay, so it was too hot for wine this early.

Those 3 + another had Me feeling niiiiice.

After dinner. . .

Well, well, some things you'll have to experience for yourself, but there is usually wine involved.

Breakfast. . .

I love it and have to have it. Free, all-you-can-eat, brunch, whatever. But it must involve some eggs and some white wine infused orange juice.

This is okay but its lacking the mimosa or even better, a bellini.

Its no bellini, but it'll do this time. Vodka with orange & cranberry juices.

Extras. . .

At least I was able to get in a little exercise on this vacation. I really have to start up My Goddess Get Fit Days again.

 The sneakers that this shoe boy bought Me, finally got a workout.

g-o-i-n-g  h-o-m-e. . .

Always a bummer, but as usual, all good things must come to an end.

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

My Own Damn Classified Lists

I am tired of searching for places to post from other people's websites. I know I have come across many sites here and there for the past 12 years. Now  its time to combine all My knowledge. 

This is how I started back in 2006. I was able to post My ad for #footboys and I was able to look through ads from #footfetishists. Hopefully, I can get back to that to acquire more #footfans.

1. The sites need to allow viewing without being logged in.
2. They need to be separated by city/state
3. They need to have a Fetish/BDSM or Adult section

It would be nice if they were free, but cheap also works.


#fetishlisting #KinkyCraigslist #BackpageAlternative #Adultclassifieds #FetishPersonals