Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Beginning

Many, many rotations ago, there was a beautiful ebony Goddess, a foot Goddess known only to few. No one really knows where she came from; only that one night in June, she graced your Mother Earth with Her presence. One small, dark place in the middle of your nation's capital, She emerged. She was tall and beautiful, from Her straight dark hair to Her perfectly pedicured toes. Not only was She beautiful, but She had skills (to quote one of Her faithful fans). She was Goddess Chocolate.

Within a few short weeks, news spread of such a beautiful Goddess. Everyone had to see Her, to meet Her, to worship Her and of course, to experience Her many skills. She was invited to many gatherings; video productions, photo shoots, parties. Soon, there were special requests for this ebony Goddess. There were subjects who would wait, just to get a chance to be in Her presence.

As Her popularity grew, so did Her skills. Eventually, She received new and weird requests. However, being the Goddess of versatility, She embraced them with ease, and discovered these new interests to be quite amusing. However, since Her main skills remained that of the feet, She did not venture far from it.

For 5 years, Goddess Chocolate allowed the people to witness Her. For 5 years, She has been adored, praised and worshiped. Unfortunately, all things must come to an end. Last year, the Goddess believed this and returned to the Chocolate Realm without any notice. However, She missed the people She met and looked in from time to time. What She saw and realized did not please Her.

Being also the Goddess of equipoise, the lack of ebony dominance in the world was almost intolerable. There were some, of course, but not a great multitude as with others. The Goddess knew that Her work was not done. She could not leave the world with such a great need for ebony domination. She knew what She had to do.