Thursday, March 9, 2017

Goddess Chocolate at Elite Fem Society

I'm not sure how I missed getting free dinners in this scene..Oh wait..yes I do. They only advertising on Fetlife. Anyways, I shall start to attend these local dinners with Dominant Women and submissive men of the DMV.

As most of these will be vanilla setting, for now, I will assume that pictures will not be allowed. Therefore, I'll have to write more descriptively. Time to access the old English Lit files of the brain.


The meet and greet with Mistress Tiffany was great. Being hosted in Arlington for the first time was convenient since its just across the bridge from DC. Although at the time, there wasn't a lot of traffic. It was hosted at a nice restaurant and we had the whole floor to ourselves. Although there is no play during the event, its nice to be a little secluded from the vanilla world to be able to speak freely.

At the beginning, there's a happy hour of meeting each other and introductions. I believe there was a short speech about what to expect. This is also the time that drinks were ordered. After the hour or so, the food is ordered. There was a little confusion about which food was for which group but it all worked out.

One of the Dommes was also celebrating Her birthday. Of course, that meant cake, cake, cake, cake... [insert Rihanna song]. It wasn't chocolate, smh, but it was alright.

I met a lot of new faces & personalities. I also met some of the same people that I met at Winter Fire.

This was a nice event and I look forward to networking & having fun at the next one.

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